NAOSU-KI 治す気 – Japanese Healing Arts


NAOSU-KI 治す気 or « Caring for Vital Energy 気 (KI) » in Japanese offers:


Massage and Japanese Body Work session.

What is the purpose of Japanese Manual Therapy ?

– The purpose of japanese manual therapy is to stimulate the body’s natural healing forces and can therefore help relieve many disorders.

– Through its techniques, massages (Koho Anma Massage, Shiatsu, Sotai, Cupping) as well as moxibustion (Okyu, Ito-thermie) from Japanese Traditional Medicine, it allows to treat the good circulation of body flows (nervous, lymphatic, blood and energetic), the bio-mechanical & structural dimension as well as the physiological and emotional dimension of the body-mind. 


WA Activities:

– body activities, dietary advice and initiation to Zen meditation (zazen).


Japanese Body workshops (coming soon…)


 Receiving regular sessions allows to act in prevention and to avoid painful problems !!


« …Fight tiredness, insomnia, stress, tension, chronic pain, re-balance the posture, obtain a homeostatic balance, act in prevention and stimulate the body’s defenses against external aggressions … ».


Recover vitality, well-being and balance !!