Welcome to the Cabinet of Japanese Healing Arts in BORDEAUX and in VANNES (Brittany):

NAOSU-KI 治す気 or « Recovering the passage of Vital Energy 気 (KI) » in Japanese offers:

– a therapeutic approach whose complementary techniques Shiatsu, Okyu and Cupping come from Traditional Japanese Medecine …
– personalized or collective workshops « WA » 和 to tend towards a harmony, an inner peace.

This « Way » acts on :

energetic aspect (meridians, acupuncture points and theoretical aspects ..),

bio-mechanical and structural dimension (fascias and muscular chains work, stretching, relaxation, balance of posture and osteo-articular techniques),

therapeutic aspect (physiological and emotional disorders according to Traditional Japanese Medecine …),

inner peace « WA » 和 in Japanese (lifestyle & dietary, do-in, breathing / concentration techniques and personal development …).

The goal is not only to respond to a particular imbalance but above all to take care, to have a holistic view of the body and the mind and thus to re-balance, to harmonize a whole.

« … Fight tiredness, insomnias, stress, tension, chronic pain, re-balance posture, achieve a homeostatic balance, and stimulate the body’s defenses against external aggressions are part of the benefits brought …

Japanese Arts for musculoskeletal, physiological and emotional issues…”

Find a well-being every day !!

« Beyond all attachment, remaining calm and without ego, then Ki of body and mind harmonizes. » 
KISHI.A, SEIKI; La vie en résonance, Citation livre Médecine Chinoise SOMON, Le Prunier, Editions SULLY, 2015.