Welcome to the Cabinet of japanese therapy in Bordeaux Caudéran:

NAOSU-KI© or « Heal vital energy (Ki) » in Japanese, offers a therapeutic approach nourished with complementary techniques that are Shiatsu, Okyu and Cuppings.

This « Way » acts both:

on the energetic aspect (the meridians, acupuncture points …)

on the bio-mechanical dimension (fascia work, stretching, relaxation and osteo-articular techniques),

on the therapeutic aspect (physiological and psychological disorders, Eastern Traditional Medicine …),

and on personal development, the reason of being “IGIKAI” in japanese (lifestyle, diet, self-massage, concentration techniques …)

The goal is not only to respond to a particular imbalance but above all to take care, to have a holistic view of the body and the mind and thus to re-balance, to harmonize a whole.

« … Fight tiredness, insomnias, stress, tension, chronic pain, re-balance posture, achieve a homeostatic balance, and stimulate the body’s defenses against external aggressions are part of the benefits brought … A real alternative to musculoskeletal, emotional and physiological problems…”

Find a well-being every day !!